Coner Sucks Himself Off While Fingering His Ass

college jock fingers his hairy ass while self sucking his own cock

Coner kind of gives the impression that he is shy. With a body and looks like his it is hard to imagine that this young jock has any trouble meeting men or women. He gets plenty of looks as he walks the beach shirtless but he’s ready to get to it in his his first (and hopefully not last) video session at Sean Cody. Coner is already rubbing himself through his shorts while the crew sets things up. He is horny and ready when his clothes come off. Coner has a lean body with tanned skin and a little bit of hair on his upper chest. His legs and ass are muscular and furry. Coner seems to be having a good time smiling for the camera as he shows off every inch of his naked body and throbbing hard cock. The action gets really interesting when Coner lies on the sofa and throws his legs over his head to start sucking himself. Coner is able to get the entire head in his mouth without any help. He reaches up to pull his legs down to get more. His hands slowly move to his ass where he begins to finger himself. This guy really knows how to make the best of a jerk off!

watch Coner suck himself off at Sean Cody


Big Dicked Blond Sucks His Own Uncut Cock

blod wearing a dog collar sucks his own dick and eats his cum

Philias is a 20 year old with an obvious wild side and some exceptional self service skills. The bleach blond showed up for his scene at Squirtz wearing a dog collar with a chain attached. His nose, lip, and both ears are pierced adding to the wild boy look. Philias plays with the chain as he strips down to show off his semi hairy body and long uncut cock. His dick is about as long hard as it is soft and has lots of foreskin that he likes to play with as Philias starts stroking himself. More of his fun side shows as Philias poses in a few positions to show off his skinny body, white ass, feet, and his hard cock. Just when things are starting to look a little vanilla, Philias grabs his leg to fold himself over and starts licking himself. He can only get the head of his dick into his own mouth but damn he looks hot doing it! After his self sucking demonstration, Philias lays back to shoot a load out onto his chest and hairy stomach. There was a gob of cum hanging from the tip of his semi hard dick that Philias wasn’t going to let go to waste. He scoops the cream from his dick and inserts it right into his mouth. The big smile on his face as Philias eats his own cum shows what a good time he had pleasuring himself. The feeling was mutual.

Philias self sucks at Squirtz

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Ryan Geary Sucks His Own Cock

big dicked Aussie sucks his own cock

Bentley Race has had a recent spurt of bid dicked self suckers lately. We have seen Robbie Price suck himself twice. Once along side Ben who was sucking himself at the same time. Now we are treated to a ginger self sucker named Ryan Geary. Ryan did a jack off scene along side a road a while back but gave no hint of his fabu talent for getting himself off. This scene he is back at Ben’s apartment and ready to go. Ryan strips down to a pair of Aussie Bum underwear that he leaves on through the entire scene. When he pulls the briefs down his big cock is already semi hard and looks great. Ryan strokes himself for a bit then grabs the same FleshJack that Robbie used a few weeks ago for a try. That FleshJack is sooo lucky! The ribbed sex toy feels great moving up and down his long shaft but Ryan likes a real mouth better. He grabs under his leg, pulls his head down to his crotch, and starts to lick his own dick. Between the Fleshjack and the self sucking Ryan builds up a lot of pressure that results in an amazing cumshot that sends jizz flying up to his face and leaves his smooth chest covered with his Aussie cum.

watch Ryan suck himself off at Bentley Race


Robbie Is Back

gay performs autofellatio while getting rimmed and gives self cum facial

Robbie Price is one of my favorite models at Bentley Race. He is one of Ben’s favorites as well. When Ben heard that Robbie was in town he invited him over for some fun. Robbie gets mostly naked and does some pictures in the hallway and kitchen before moving into the living room where he and Ben sit on the couch with each other to share notes and have some fun sucking their own cock. Its pretty cool to watch one guy self suck but seeing two guys do it together is awesome. Robbie moves to the floor and puts his legs over his head to continue licking his own cock while Ben positions himself to lick Robbie’s hairless ass hole. It is double the pleasure for Robbie getting blown and rimmed at the same time. Ben continues with the anal stimulation by shoving his hard uncut dick deep into Robbie’s butt. The feeling is too much and causes Robbie to cum in his own mouth and across his face. Robbie looks great with his lean smooth body and big uncut cock but looks even better with a big smile and a face covered with his own cum.

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James Jamesson Selfsuck & Facial

watch the full video now

Because of his red hair, James Jamesson has been a favorite of mine at Next Door Studios for a while now. James has a ripped body, big dick, and an unfilled apatite for sex. All kinds of sex.. with men, women, and sometimes even himself. Yes, James is both flexible and big enough that he can self suck his own cock. As you can see in the video clip above, James is home alone and horny. He gets naked and sits in the bedroom with some (cough) straight porn to look at as he strokes his hard dick. The jacking off is good but a blowjob would be better so he flips onto his back with his head towards the wall and starts licking and sucking his own dick. James continues the solo blowjob for about 15 minutes and goes until he cums in his own mouth. As if James isn’t already hot enough, he looks awesome folded over licking the last few drops of cum from his dick while his spunk runs down his face.

redhead licking his own cock

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Kamyk is Older but Still Selfsucks

watch the full video at Alex Boys

We’ve previewed Kamyk before as a redhead self sucker that had two scenes online at Alex Boys. Kamyk is a little older now and not as skin and bones thin as he was before but he still has the flexibility to bend over and suck his own dick. This time he’s inside watching a porn video on a laptop when the urge hits. Kamyk gets naked and starts jerking off then stands up, grabs behind his leg, and bends over to lick and suck his own cock. Damn this boy is skilled. The position looks strenuous and he can’t do it for long this way so he moves to a sofa for a more tradition knees beside the head position.  This works better for his self sucking and also puts him in a position for a self facial ending. Personally I liked Kamyk with the fire engine red hair but think he looks even better with a face covered with cum.

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