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Big Dicked Blond Sucks His Own Uncut Cock

blod wearing a dog collar sucks his own dick and eats his cum

Philias is a 20 year old with an obvious wild side and some exceptional self service skills. The bleach blond showed up for his scene at Squirtz wearing a dog collar with a chain attached. His nose, lip, and both ears are pierced adding to the wild boy look. Philias plays with the chain as he strips down to show off his semi hairy body and long uncut cock. His dick is about as long hard as it is soft and has lots of foreskin that he likes to play with as Philias starts stroking himself. More of his fun side shows as Philias poses in a few positions to show off his skinny body, white ass, feet, and his hard cock. Just when things are starting to look a little vanilla, Philias grabs his leg to fold himself over and starts licking himself. He can only get the head of his dick into his own mouth but damn he looks hot doing it! After his self sucking demonstration, Philias lays back to shoot a load out onto his chest and hairy stomach. There was a gob of cum hanging from the tip of his semi hard dick that Philias wasn’t going to let go to waste. He scoops the cream from his dick and inserts it right into his mouth. The big smile on his face as Philias eats his own cum shows what a good time he had pleasuring himself. The feeling was mutual.

Philias self sucks at Squirtz

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Jeremy Is Hungry For Cock & Cum

Jbearded man sucks his own dick and cums in mouth

When Jeremy checks into his hotel he is very horny and hungry for cum. When his attempts to find someone to come over fail he does what any guy as hungry for cock would do… he serves himself! Jeremy starts stroking his big hard dick before his underwear are off. The jerking feels good but he really wanted a cock in his mouth and to taste some man cum. Jeremy takes off his boxers and flips onto his back in order to suck his own dick. It looks a little rough at first but before long Jeremy’s knees are beside his head and he is sucking and licking his own dick while continuing to jack his shaft. Jeremy relaxes a little to concentrate more on the jacking motion but opens his mouth wide when he gets ready ti spunk and shoots his cum right into his mouth. We get a close up look as the cum drips from his dick and splashes across his bearded face. From the grin on his face, I think he’s satisfied his hunger for cock and cum without the need for a partner and feels pretty good about it.

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Chris Nichols Jacks and Eats His Cum

Chris Nichols strokes his 7 inch dick and eats his own cum

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Chris Nichols shoots a big wad of cum, fingers his ass, and eats his load as a finishing end to an impressive homemade jack off video at You Love Jack. This amateur twink really puts on an impressive show. He wastes little time stripping down to his underwear and stroking his dick. You can see that he is already a little excited as his jeans come off. With just a few rubs through his underwear his 7 inch dick is hard as a rock and dripping precum. Chris knows how to use his hand on his cock and strokes it with a few different grips. It’s his ass that really gets his attention though. Chris puts some lube on his hand and starts to finger his smooth ass. It is 2 fingers at first that slide all the way up then he adds a third finger to provide maximum stimulation. He must be doing something good because the look on his face is one of pure pleasure and the precum is now flowing like a mountain stream in the spring. Chris strokes his dick harder and faster to match his finger fucking fervor. Chris holds his breath a bit and tightens every muscle in his body as he shoots a stream of jizz into the air that lands on his smooth ripped stomach. Chris has a big smile on his cute face seeing the puddle of cum but he isn’t finished yet. He scoops up some of his jizz and pushes it deep into his ass. He obviously loves the feel of his cum covered fingers up his butt. When he is done packing his ass with cum he takes his hand and licks the jizz from his long fingers. He eats every bit of cum that isn’t in his butt.

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Jessy Sucks His 10 Inch Uncut Cock and Eats His Own Cum

Jessy Karson performs autofellatio and cums in own mouth

Why do guys like Jessy Karson suck their own dick at Horny Boys? Because they can! With a muscular inked body and a 10 inch uncircumcised dick; he certainly makes it appear simple. Jessy strips off his Lifeguard underwear to show off his monster cock and really big balls. Jessy shows that he is flexible in more ways than one as he puts himself into some very “interesting” positions that makes my mind wonder the ways to best utilize such a position. He jerks off aggressively on the couch then flips over onto his back, puts his legs in the air, folds himself in half, and shoots his load into his waiting mouth and all over his face. Just to be sure he doesn’t waste any of his man juice, he puts the tip of his jizz dripping dick into his mouth and sucks out every last drop of his own cum. There are other horny self suckers like Jessy waiting at Horny Boys.

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