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Matt Gage Self Sucks Pierced Cock

When it comes to Matt Gage over at Pet Ur Monkey one thing is sure; this tattooed and pierced straight guy certainly knows how to put on a show.

Matt starts his video announcing that he is the hottest model on the east coast and he is going to pet his monkey.  I’m not sure if he really is the hottest model but he definitely is hot.  Matt has a ripped body that is covered with tattoos and piercings.  He shows off some of his larger body artwork pieces as he gets undressed including a large colorful Anubis tattoo on his left flank.  Matt’s lower lip has two rings.  Too bad he is straight. I bet those rings feel great sliding up and down the length of a hard dick.  His ripped stomach has two large guns pointing at each other.  The gun tattoos must be a metaphor for his dick which is at least a good 6 inches soft.  My feeling is that it hangs so low because of all the piercings.  Matt has 3 cock piercings including a PA and 2 barbells just below the head.  Once he is naked he wastes no time getting down to business.  He spits in his hand and starts rubbing his pierced dick until it extends to its full 9 hard inches.  As if stroking a 9 inch cock isn’t skill enough, Matt grabs his leg, bends over, and starts to lick the head of his own dick.  Why is it that the straight guys are so much hotter when they suck their own dick?  As Matt licks his own cock head you can hear the piercing in his tongue click with the PA in his cock.  After a bit more of self sucking and hard core stroking Matt lies back on the couch and shoots his cum up onto his muscular stomach.

Matt Gage is just one of the self sucking amateur men you can watch in the peturmonkey members area.  Visit Pet Ur Monkey – Real Amateur Men to download all of Matt’s pictures and video and see some of the other amateur men jack off as well.

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